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The Benefits of a Road Trip Vacation

As the world struggles to make sense of the new pandemic there are so many things you can expect to change during the course of your normal life. From not being able to go to work, to being asked to ... READ the POST

Port Elizabeth: Still The Most Amazing City In South Africa

A city of almost 1 million people, Port Elizabeth has often been deemed the most beautiful city in South Africa. A name of prestige and power, the city was founded in 1820. It's also known as a ... READ the POST

How Can You Improve Your Traveling Experiences?

Traveling can be fun in all forms, but it’s true that there are some experiences that are better than others. While there’s plenty of fun to be had in just setting off an adventure, there are also ... READ the POST

Visiting Monument Valley // Arizona and Utah

Monument Valley has always been on my bucket list, but its remote location made me hesitant to turn this dream into reality. When planning my "Bachelorette Road Trip", I had Zion and Antelope Canyon ... READ the POST

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