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Port Elizabeth: Still The Most Amazing City In South Africa

A city of almost 1 million people, Port Elizabeth has often been deemed the most beautiful city in South Africa. A name of prestige and power, the city was founded in 1820. It’s also known as a gateway city, to Africa’s most alluring wildlife. You can expect to see elephants, cape buffalo, lions, leopards and rhinos very close to the city’s outer perimeter. If the safari tours won’t keep you busy, then the water activities will. The turquoise water is so clear and clean, it’s ripe for going snorkeling. Just as you would expect, a name of such historical precedent would also carry with it, a weight of the nation’s magnitude in some form or another. The South African Air Force Museum is located here, which dates back to 1930.

A Valley of Mountains

The city is overlooked by mountains, as are many other coastal cities in South Africa. The landscape is such that, the further north you head from the coast, the more and more hilly it becomes. The Groendal Nature Reserve allows tourists and locals to use its pathways for hiking. The paths are not difficult but they do require some proper trekking boots, so don’t show up in your trainers. The landscape can quickly turn from a flat grass knoll to a rugged uphill rocky slog. The trees and foliage are thick during summer but during the autumn, they allow a cool breeze to run through the gaps. The views are incredible, pretty much from any angle. Bring food, water and your smartphone to take away the best experience.

A Welcome Stereotype

You’re in Africa, so it wouldn’t make much sense to leave without viewing the amazing lions that this nation has. South Africa is one of the cradles for big cats because the protection of lions, cheetahs, tigers and leopards is taken very seriously. The Seaview Predator Park has many special lions, particularly a few white lions. There’s plenty of other animals such as wildebeest, giraffe and zebras, but the main attraction is the sheer variety of predators. It’s safe to get up close to the cats because the security fences are sturdy and the cages are modern enough to lend themselves to great viewing while maintaining good strength. If you want to help preserve these animals, going to the reserve will teach you how you can support them even after you’re back at home.

Close to the Action

The trouble with all incredible travel locations is the sheer number of tourists in one spot. That makes getting a decent hotel quite the challenge. But City Lodge Hotels make sure you’re close to all the attractions without having to pay out of your eyeballs. Every single room gets their own free WiFi, access to the swimming pool, complimentary parking and same-day laundry and dry cleaning. Every room is also air-conditioned so you don’t suffer from the heat when you want to rest.  

Port Elizabeth holds a very prestigious name. It’s one of the oldest cities in South Africa and also, is held in high regard for celebrating the incredible wildlife just outside its borders.

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