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One of the Most Beautiful Neighborhoods in Paris: Exploring Montmartre

Nestled in the 18th arrondissement is a district known for its famous Parisian landmarks and was home to notable artists like Pablo Picasso and Auguste Renoir. It’s a neighborhood full of charm, winding streets, and rolling hills. This district is Montmartre, and it’s where you can find influencers, tourists, and pickpockets all mingling as one.

Probably the most famous landmark in Montmartre is Sacre-Coeur, a Roman Catholic church completed in 1914. Put on your comfy shoes and make the trek up the 270 something stairs to get an amazing view of Paris. Rumor has it, there is a funicular you can take to the top but I have never seen it (because I’ve never looked for it). I have always just sucked it up to the top, burning quads and all. If you are able to make the trip on foot, I recommend using one of the stairs on the side of the church. In my opinion, it’s a prettier climb plus you get to avoid all the pickpockets and scam artists at the foot of the hill.

Montmartre is made for exploring, but just be mindful of your surroundings especially in really congested areas. No, you did not drop a ring, and don’t let strangers put any bracelets on you and you will be fine.       

Besides landmarks like Sacre-Coeur and Moulin Rouge, Montmartre is also known for its recognizable architecture like La Maison Rose and Moulin de la Galette. Scroll through Instagram, and I’m sure you will see that pastel pink colored building everywhere. 
I do have a tiny complaint. Two girls decided to do a mini photoshoot with their iPhones in front of La Maison Rose for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. Honestly, it could have been longer but I decided to leave before finding out. Here is the kicker, they asked me if I could take a picture of them together (I’m sure for the Gram) which I did, and then they continued taking pictures of each other! You can see them in my picture of La Maison Rose, and you can also see them in my picture up the hill looking back towards the restaurant. I would love to see what kind of pictures they got cause apparently, they weren’t happy with any of them. I probably could spend the time to photoshop them out, but now they will live forever on my blog as inconsiderate and selfish tourists. 
I know this happens all the time, it happened to us at the Cape of Good Hope as well (I guess we’re magnets), so let me hear your story about people who just didn’t get it.          
Another fun thing to do while in the 18th is go exploring for all the famous Montmartre stairs. Stairs are something I love to photograph. The clean lines add to any composition. If you have been keeping up with pop culture, you know the stairs featured in the Joker movie is now a Bronx tourist attraction. It’s funny how something or someplace can become famous overnight because of a movie or TV show (ahem, Croatia). I’ve been to the Bronx twice, and both times were to cheer against the Yankees. 
Never been to Montmartre? Add it to your itinerary the next time you visit Paris! Already been? It’s worth a visit every time you’re in the City of Lights! 
Abbesses – Line 12
Blanche – Line 2
Anvers – Line 2 (closest to Sacre-Coeur) 
“A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.”
Thomas Jefferson
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