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Photo Dairy: Africa in Black and White

When I think of Africa, I think about vibrant colors and a contagious energy. Their sunsets are bright orange, their textiles showcase the rainbow, and their hospitality is above and beyond. What makes Africa so unique to the rest of the world is their amazing wildlife. Giraffes with their long necks, cheetahs with their spots, and zebras with their beautiful stripes to name just a few. I love photographing landscapes and architecture, but while in Africa I had fun capturing all the unpredictable animals. We would watch a herd of elephants for an hour, and they would entertain us the entire time. Every second, an animal seems to be doing something different (except for lions, they tend to nap a lot), so I took a lot of photographs… over 5,000 a lot.  
While I have my editing routine in Lightroom, I wanted to mix things up a bit for this post. Goodbye vibrance, hello monochrome. I usually never edit in black and white, but it was fun seeing how dramatic that edit can be especially with my elephant and zebra photographs. I mean they are already monochromatic, right? 
My favorite would have to be the first elephant photograph below. I want to have it printed on a large canvas and hung above my computer. What are your thoughts on black and white photography? Do you prefer colorful photographs or something more simple and dramatic?      

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