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The Beauty of Florence // Part II

Around every corner, I found myself staring at another picturesque view of Florence. The city is magical, plain and simple. I’m glad I got to experience this beautiful city for myself, and now I truly understand all you Florence lovers out there.
If you missed Part I, you can find it here. I told you I went a little snap-happy, but can you blame me? From charming streets to stunning rooftops, Florence had it all. I am so glad Aiden and I got to walk around this beautiful city and with no real deadline rushing us. We had dinner reservations that evening but the afternoon was ours. I knew we couldn’t get lost so we just started walking, and it turned out to be a wonderful mother-son afternoon.
I am a planner and as much as I would love to be “spontaneous”, I love to make lists, spreadsheets, you name it. Before our trip, I knew our time in Florence would be short (but sweet). We could spend one night in the city but our tickets to The Last Supper would eventually take us back to Milan fairly early the next day. Because of this, I planned for us to see all the sites we could the morning we arrived, which gave us the afternoon with no real plans (for once). It was nice and something I should “plan” more often! 
So join me as I continue along my visual stroll of Florence.

Missed Part I? You can check it out here!
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