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The Beauty of Florence // Part I

Last week, I highlighted our short but amazing 24 hours in Florence. While I felt like we could have spent another 24 hours there (easily), it didn’t stop me from photographing every picturesque corner of this beautiful city.

While we did hit up some “hot spots” like the Piazzale Michelangelo, Ponte Vecchio and the Palazzo Vecchio in the morning, Aiden and I spent the afternoon aimlessly walking around. We were extremely lucky with weather our entire trip, and our time in Florence was no exception. With blue skies above us, I racked up 25,000 steps and burned almost 3,000 calories our first day in the city. Which was perfect cause I also ate the biggest gelato cone ever that day as well (worth it).

Like with most European cities, a picture of “nothing” is still a picture that showcases its charm and beauty and in some ways, I prefer those type of shots. Every where I turned, I saw a cute little street or a charming cafe and snapped away… which is why I’m breaking up Florence into two parts (three if you include the itinerary post). Florence can’t be contained into just one post! So take a (visual) stroll with me through the streets of Firenze.     

Florence – Part II – Coming Soon! 
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