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Up Next, Italy!

If you had asked me a month ago if going to London for a week and then two weeks later, go to Italy for a week and a half would be a great idea, I would say “Hell yeah!” Fast forward to today and while I am still super excited about our upcoming trip to Italy, I will probably not book two European trips that close together again. I felt like I just unpacked so I could do laundry and then repacked everything again. 
I booked our Italy trip first, it’s our Spring Break trip but a few weeks after booking Italy, I saw really cheap flights to London and thought “Why not?” With that said, we are leaving for Italy this week!
This will be my son’s first time to Europe, and Lyndon’s and my first time to Italy! We are super excited for all the art, pasta, gelato, and everything Italy has to offer. Since none of us have been to Italy before, please send us your recommendations! Your favorite restaurant, a must see exhibit or museum, a cool neighborhood to check out… anything will help.  
So where are we going in Italy? Here is our Spring Break itinerary.
To be honest, out of all the cities we are visiting, I really don’t know much about Milan. I know it’s home to the famous Galleria and picturesque Duomo but that’s about it. Oh, I did score tickets to see Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper though. I read that tickets to see The Last Supper sell out super fast so I set an alarm on my calendar so I could snatch some the first day they went on sale for March. When I went to purchase the tickets, only 2 time slots were left! They do sell out fast! Thank you Katy from Untold Morsels for emailing a bunch of fun restaurants to try while in Milan!  
Lake Como is super close to Milan and has been on my bucket list forever so adding this to our itinerary was a  no-brainer for us. I know March is still consider “winter” for a lot of European countries so I’m hoping not everything is closed while we are there. 
I can’t believe I am just now going to Venice cause it has been on my bucket list every longer! Out of all the cities we are heading to, my son is most excited about Venice. I get it, he’s 11 and museums and art aren’t really high on his priority list. Plus, Venice is such an iconic city!    
Thank you bloggers for putting Burano on my radar. I first read about Burano a couple of years ago on Casey’s blog We Took The Road Less Traveled. All the bright colors immediately drew me in. I seriously can’t wait to max out my memory card there! 
When I mention to people that we are going to Italy, especially Florence, the majority of the time I get the same response… “Florence is my favorite city!”. I’m excited to see the city that so many people fell in love with, and hopefully fall in love with it myself.
So there it is! So many beautiful cities, so little time! With that being said, I won’t be posting on a new post until after I get back from our trip. But feel free to follow along on Instagram (@christinekeane)! I will be posting pictures and adding videos to “my story” as well. Have a great Wanderful Wednesday! Arrivederci!  
What’s your favorite Italian city?    
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