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Scenes from Lake Como, Italy

I would like to apologize for skipping around so much with my travel posts. I still have plenty to post about London, but today I feel like revisiting beautiful Lake Como. Can you blame me? While we were in Milan, we decided to take a day trip up to Lake Como. The drive from central Milan to Como takes about an hour without traffic, so it’s an easy day trip for anyone visiting Milan (and vice versa). Lake Como is shaped like an upside down Y and the city of Como sits on the southern end on the west side of the lake. The lake’s namesake is the main town and is considered a great starting point for anyone visiting Lake Como. Since it is the largest town on the lake, most shops, hotels and restaurants were open while we were there. I really wanted to visit Bellagio also while there, but in true European fashion, we were told that most of their shops and restaurant were closed for “winter”. Oh well, next time! 
While we spent most of the day exploring the town and walking around the lake, we spent our afternoon on the lake. Lake Como has ferries that can take you to all the different towns that surrounds the lake. Since the lake is fairly long, some ferries are faster than others depending on their destination. The ferry we were on only went as far north as Torno before circling back to Como. There were about 4 stops along the way and since we weren’t going to get off at any of the stops, we mainly just used the ferry as a tour boat.    
As you can see, the views from the ferry were amazing. Beautiful villas line the coastline and before you ask… no, we did not get to see George Clooney’s place. His villa is located in Laglio which is farther north than where the ferry took us. We did, however, did get to see a bunch of other famous people’s villas. We saw where the Versace family used to live, we saw a couple of villas owned by famous footballers (soccer players), and we saw villas just owned by regular rich people. Must be nice! 
The weather was perfect on the day we were there and it was nice to see the lake with blue skies above it. It was hard to imagine though that it was still considered “winter” in some towns when it was 65 degrees out, but I would love to go back one day and venture around Bellagio and the north side of the lake. 
Lake Como did not disappoint and I still have lots more photographs to post in the next coming weeks so definitely stay tune for that. For now, I’ll leave you with more scenes from Lake Como. Enjoy!      

Have you been to Lake Como? What other towns did you visit?
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