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Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany // Part I

I guess you can say I’m saving the best for last cause even though Rothenburg was one of my first stops during our Germany/Austria trip, I am just now posting about it. After one night in Munich, I woke up early the next morning and started my road trip to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. 
Rothenburg is a well preserved medieval town and a part of Germany’s Romantic Road. Its picturesque setting not only inspired the village for the 1940 Disney movie Pinocchio, but social media is also flooded with pictures of this uber cute town.  
The second I arrived in Rothenburg, I was in love. It was everything I hope it would be and more. After dropping off my bags at the hotel, I immediately hit the ground running. First stop, the iconic “it” spot, the Plรถnlein. I remember first seeing a picture of the Plรถnlein a few years ago in an image gallery of random internet pictures. I remember screenshotting the picture and telling myself, a. I have to figure out where this is, and b. after I find out, I have to go there one day. 
After taking a million pictures (you cannot visit Rothenburg without maxing out your memory card, hence why I’m breaking this up into two parts), I started making my way to the wall that encircles the town. It took me a while to get up to the wall since a couple entrances were closed due to construction but nevertheless, I made it up there. From the wall, you get rooftop views and a behind the scenes look at life in Rothenburg. I think I walked about half of it before making my way back down to the cobblestone streets. 
Once back down, I began just walking around aimlessly taking in all the history and beauty. I’m glad I got down where I did cause I got to see some really cute buildings full of bright, fun colors. I could walk around Rothenburg for hours days and would not run out of things to take pictures of. Enjoy the pictures below and Happy Travel Tuesday everyone!      

Click here for Part II of our Rothenburg adventure!

The post I am highlighting from last week’s Travel Tuesday is “Innsbruck, Austria” by Sara from A Different Piece of Sky. During our visit to Austria in the Spring, Jimmy and I didn’t get a chance to visit Innsbruck so I’m living vicariously through Sara’s beautiful pictures. Check out out Sara’s blog and follow along her European adventure!  

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  1. Your photos are beautiful! How picturesque is that entire place – it must have been like walking into Disney. I'm very fond of Germany and I'm glad you liked it too!

  2. Rothenburg is soo pretty!! I have to find a photo of me on the fortifications around the city aged 5 and show it to you!! I have to revisit though, because I have no recollection whatsoever!!

  3. I'm swooning over your photo of the window with the bright red shutters! Thanks to Pinterest and the blogosphere, I've been wanting to visit Rothenburg for quite some time now. I'm so happy to hear that it did not disappoint! Hopefully I'll get a chance to go soon – and I'll be sure to bring an extra memory card ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Rothenburg is just so cute! We visited once in 2012, but since we stay in a just-as-cute town close by (Dinkelsbuehl), I'm sure we'll end up visiting again sometime in the future. I think some of the town scenes from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" were also filmed there.

  5. I just read that they filed a scene in Harry Potter 7 in Rothenburg but it was only a split second on the big screen. What's funny is that my son and I are watching all the HPs right now in order and we are on 5… when we get to the Deathly Hallows, I'm gonna look out for it!

  6. Rothenburg has always been on my list of places to go – it looks so picturesque and beautiful! It reminds me a lot of Nuremberg – which I also really enjoyed! The colors in your photos are so vibrant and beautiful!

  7. These photos are some of my favorites from your trip. Now I know why there are so many "German towns" back east with similar architecture, so beautiful.

  8. We live in Bremen!.Christmas markets are the best! You have to come back and visit at least one!

  9. Rothenburg is one of those towns you visit and think, I can't believe places like this still exist! We stopped and had a drink inside a bar that was sitting on top foundation that was built in the 900's… three digits! Pretty crazy! I would love to visit Nuremberg the next time I'm in Germany! Heard their Christmas market is insane!

  10. I just checked and yup Chitty Chitty Bang Bang had scenes there… and so did Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part I! What's funny is that my son and I are watching all the HPs right now in order and we are on 5… when we get to the Deathly Hallows, I'm gonna look out for it!

  11. Wow this place looks SO SO cute! I'm dying to go back to Germany. I've been to Berlin, but I want to go somewhere a bit more…"German." Berlin is a huge city so it doesn't have that authentic German feel! Looks like I need to go here!

  12. Gorgeous photos! I lived in Heidelberg, Germany for a year but I never made it to Rothenburg. Guess I'll just have to go back!

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