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Views for Days From Festung Hohensalzburg // Salzburg, Austria

While I was in Salzburg this past spring, the weather was absolutely amazing. The sun was shining and it was actually warm enough outside for me to ditch my jacket. After driving in from Rothenburg, I checked into my hotel in Old Town and went exploring around the beautiful city. One of the things I wanted to do and see for sure was Hohensalzburg Castle (Festung Hohensalzburg in German). 
Hohensalzburg Castle is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe. Construction on the fortress started in 1077 and at the time, was only a small castle with a wooden wall. There is a really cool video you can watch inside one of the rooms of the castle that shows all the different expansions done on fortress. Definitely check it out. It’s pretty cool to see what this massive castle above Salzburg once looked like.
It was getting late in the afternoon by the time I made my way over to the cable car ticket office. The cable cars were still running at the time, but I know they told me that the museum inside the castle was closing soon. While the museum would have been interesting, I mostly wanted to walk around the grounds and take in all the views. On one side of the castle, you can see the town below with the impressive alps in the near distance. I honestly could stare at that view for days. The green grass, the blue skies and the snow capped mountains, ingredients for a picturesque postcard.           
On the other side of the castle, you get an amazing view of Old Town, the Salzach River and fields that go on for miles and miles. While the museum take up most of the interior of the castle, you can still walk around the grounds and a couple of rooms. It’s crazy to imagine that this once was a full functioning castle.
I walked around for about an hour before making my way back down the cable car. For those of you who wish to dine at the fortress, there is also a restaurant on location. The restaurant was closing up when I got there so I’m thinking it’s more of a lunch spot.

I’m so glad I got to go up and see this incredible castle. If you’re going to be in Salzburg, definitely head up to the fortress. If nothing else, you can witness some amazing views!           


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  1. I was there earlier this year too, but the weather was bad when I went up here. Nice to see your views instead ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Such beautiful views. I miss seeing mountains! I've never been to Salzburg, but it looks like you were there on a beautiful clear day. Thank you for sharing and for hosting the link party. I linked up for the first time today.

  3. Thank you for the feature! You know, next summer you MUST plan a trip to Greece!! Salzburg is very pretty from above! As for the weather indeed in March it can be exceptionally good in central Europe (and be rather blah come summertime)

  4. Austria is always winning with the views! This would be perfect for me, I'm not a big museum fan so I don't mind that it was closing, but just to walk and take in the views, that's what I like ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I know! I feel like every time we are in Europe, we are super fascinated at how old buildings/structures are in Europe. We do the whole "America wasn't even a country yet!" thing lol. And in this instance, Christopher Columbus wasn't even born yet! lol

  6. I'm with you… I'm not a huge museum fan either. Let's just say we weren't disappointed when they said it was closing soon. Some museums I do enjoy but when it's a place like that with amazing views, I rather enjoy the views ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I feel like it rained the whole time I was in Austria. I guess I'll just have to go back ๐Ÿ™‚ I love European castles- definitely something we can't visit in the USA.

  8. My dad has cousins who live in England and they came to visit us over the holidays and they said something about how some of the "castles" here are huge! We all looked at them all confused and they were like "You know castles, those big houses"… we were like "Ohhh you mean mansions" lol Lost in translation for ya! I mean I wish we had castles here in the States lol

  9. The view Is breathtaking. I see why so many stories are inspired by castles. How cool to enjoy that in a nearly 1000 year old castle.

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