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My New Favorite City // Munich, Germany

After only a few days in Munich, I fell in love with this Bavarian capital. From the beautiful English Garden to the city’s many museums, Munich has so much to offer. I think I connected so well with Munich cause I could see myself living there. It’s a large city like Houston with all the large city amenities like good restaurants, plenty of shopping, and professional sports teams to scratch my sports itch. But it also has history and a quality of life that is hard to beat.

Goal: Live in Munich one day.

When I scheduled my trip to Germany and Austria, I had no clue I would be in Munich during Springfest, also known as Fruhlingsfest. I learned about this pleasant surprise one night while dining at Hofbrauhaus. Like I mentioned before in a previous post, I sat next to a group of American student studying abroad in Spain and even though they made me feel old (ha), they were a lot of fun to talk to. They told me about Springfest and how I had to check it out, so after a morning at Neuschwanstein Castle (post coming soon), I made my way back to Munich and took the U-Bahn straight to the fairgrounds. Springfest is sometimes dubbed “Oktoberfest in the Spring” especially since they are set up in the same location. While I didn’t enter any of the beer halls there, I still had a great time walking around and eating yummy fair food. The only thing missing was Aiden, he would have loved Springfest!

After enjoying all things Springfest, I started walking back towards the Marienplatz. I was there the night before but it was raining so I couldn’t fully take everything in. I was mostly ducking underneath awnings and hiding out in restaurants drinking beer until the rain let up.

While walking down Kaufingerstrasse, one of Munich’s oldest streets and busiest shopping streets, I saw some interesting street performers. One guy was even stripping… like weird “wearing a lederhosen” stripping. Safe to say, he won’t be in the new Magic Mike XXL movie.

I ended the evening at an amazing Bavarian restaurant, Liebighof down the street from the hotel in Lehel. My hotel manager recommended the restaurant and it was probably the best dinner I had in Munich. I didn’t have a reservations (I totally recommend making one if you would like to dine here though) but since it was later in the evening, they sat me at a table with 2 other people. The food was excellent and the ambiance was charming, but the best part was talking to the German couple at the table next to me. They were around my age and it was just great conversation, where they grew up in Germany, where they have been in the States, what I thought of Munich. I noticed our server carrying around a credit card machine so I had no doubts they took credit cards but when it came time for me to pay, she said they only accept German debit cards. Come again? The couple I have been talking to so graciously offered to pay for our meal with cash and they would walk me to the nearest bank and I could just pay them back then. So, so nice of them! My only regret was not getting their contact information. I would love to run into them again one day.                

Our last day in Munich was gorgeous. Blue skies for days. We spent the day with no itinerary, no plans, we just walked around the city and did whatever caught our eye. We ate breakfast outside at the Marienplatz and then took a stroll along the Isar River. We then ended our day (and trip) with one last stop to the English Garden before heading back to our hotel to pack.

The only thing I am kicking myself for is not going to the Viktualienmarkt earlier. Initially, I wanted to stop by this farmers’ market on our last day, Sunday, but like everything else in Germany, it is closed on Sundays (make note). It’s like Chickfila and Hobby Lobby… but for everything! By the time I found out, it was too late to stop by on Saturday. Oh well, I will just have to go back to Munich now. Hopefully with Aiden in tow as well! 

Have you been to Munich? What is your favorite part of the city?

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  1. Munich is a really lovely city! Bavaria in general is an interesting region. When I visited 6 years ago we took a day trip to Nuremberg and Regensburg…both amazing cozy cities! Didn't know about Springfest, but I think they also use the Oktoberfest area for Christmas Markets as well (since they have so much land available why not take advantage?)!

  2. Looks like an awesome trip! I was in Munich for about three days some five years ago. I thought it was lovely but never really scratched beneath the surface much. Will have to get back some day soon though, as my husband (A GERMAN!) has never been! Glad to hear you enjoyed your time there… though that stripper… wow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Oh man!! I think it would be my new favorite as well. To be honest, I didn't really pay attention when I was in Germany about 10 years ago. I was just too obsessed with Italy and France! Now I'm hoping to go back someday to enjoy it more fully. Your photos are fabulous, and it looks like you had lovely weather!

  4. Wow, so nice! Yes, come live in Europe *wink-wink*. Beautiful pictures! I have never been, but it has been in my list for a while!

  5. I'm going to Munich this summer and have felt pretty neutral about it. It's low down on my priority list and I feel myself getting excited about every other place I'm visiting except Munich. Reading about others' Munich experiences get me more and more excited. This sounds like a fun visit and thanks for the great tips!

  6. Oh…. Man…. This just turns the knife…. I haven't been here since 2003. I still have family in Mรผnchen, and really need to return. Thanks for all the great images.

  7. I do love the idea of exploring Germany some more. We've only been to Berlin, which I really enjoyed and to a small town on the German border, Aachen to see their Christmas market.
    Munich is always somewhere that I have a hard time placing, but I know it's possible to get cheap flights there so I might have to look in it at some point.

    It does look like a nice mix of city and nature all together, especially with the river running through.

  8. Wow, these photos are stunning! I've never been to Germany, but my husband has and he loved it. He was a young college student, so he didn't take many photos (ugh!). I really want to go back with him one day, though…especially after seeing how much you love it!

  9. I love that area (where they have all their festivals and markets)… the U-Bahn takes you directly there, it's awesome! I wish Houston had some sort of public transport but everyone here loves their trucks too much ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. I felt the same way heading into our trip, I wasn't too excited about Munich especially since we were going to towns like Hallstatt and Rothenburg but we winded up loving it! I guess even though it's not as "charming" as those smaller towns, it felt more livable and relate-able ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Coming from Europe I'm so accustomed to public transportation!! Boston had an OK system, but still not many options!! In the US I guess the best transportation system is in NYC (not that they can do otherwise though)!

  12. Germany is a great country! It's a little off radar compared to France, England, Italy but it's equally charming, beautiful in its own way! I think we loved Munich so much cause it was so livable and relate-able ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Germany holds dear to my heart… I studied in Berlin for a bit and fell in love with parts of Bavaria when I visited family. This post brings back awesome memories.

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