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The English Garden // Munich, Germany

The English Garden, or “Englischer Garten” in German, was one of my favorite spots in Munich. Maybe it was because my hotel was right next to it, but I stopped by there at least once a day. The English Garden is a large public park in the middle of Munich with an area of 910 acres, making it bigger than New York City’s Central Park and London’s Hyde Park. 
One popular activity in the park is surfing the Eisbach, a man-made river that runs through the English Garden. At any given time, you can walk by and find at least one person surfing the 1 meter high standing wave. I woke up early one morning (to head to Neuschwanstein Castle) and saw surfers doing their thing as I passed by. During the afternoons/evenings and on the weekends, you can find a crowd of people along the sides of the Eisbach and on the bridge just watching these surfers. I talked to a local and he said, “You either love watching it or hate it and just walk by,” and I definitely loved it.

Supposedly, it’s a pretty big subculture and sometimes there are open conflicts between local and foreign surfers.               

Besides surfing, the English Garden also offers a little something for everyone. You can bike, run, play soccer, go boating on the lake, and of course hang out in one of the many beer gardens. I even saw a group of people play kickball, one of my faves! 
I had lunch at the beer garden at the Chinese Tower. With 7,000 seats, it is the second largest beer garden in Munich. If you purchase a beer there, they will charge you an extra euro per mug and hand you one token per mug, you can later trade in your token and mug and get your euro back. Since I didn’t purchase a mug at Hofbrauhaus, I opted to keep my mug… I mean for 1 euro, it’s a steal. 
The atmosphere was amazing at the beer garden. They had a live band playing and everyone was in a great mood. The rain and clouds from the days prior had finally disappeared and the sun was shining down on Munich. I spent the rest of the afternoon just walking around the park, eating ice-cream and people watching. Crazy story, I sat next to a group of American college students studying abroad in Spain while at Hofbrauhaus my first night in Munich. They were really cool (and made me feel old, ha) and told mr about Springfest and how I should check it out (which I did) and then they left and we went or separate ways. Fast forward two days and guess who I ran into while walking around the English Garden? Yup, the same group of Americans! 
As I was leaving the park, I thought to myself “I could do this every weekend”… another reason why Munich is creeping up my list of favorite cities in the world.          

What is your favorite urban public park?

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  1. Oooh such a nice looking place! I love a good patch of green on the map πŸ™‚
    If Kris and I go to a new place and we forgot to look anything or make any plans, our go to thing is to head to patches of green on the map and check out the nature.

    Can't really go wrong with nature.

    Still, the surfing thing is strange but I'd happily stand and watch for a bit because it's strange.

  2. Thanks Daisy! I love parks in Europe! Such a different feel than parks here in the States (both great in their own way though). And those surfers were definitely intense… some serious river surfing going on πŸ˜›

  3. English Garden is on list for our German road trip this summer. The pictures are beautiful!

  4. I bet this is a must see while in Munich, lucky that you were so close! (and we didn't get to visit central park while in NYC, so we have to go back πŸ˜‰ ).

  5. I love the English garden! I visited while in Munich some years ago!! But I didn't come across the surfers…Love the scenario though!!

  6. Great photos! I loved the English Garden in Munich! We went there with a bike tour I did during Oktoberfest and stopped for a few beers and food in one of the beer gardens. Also, I can totally see that movie plot working out, haha! Definitely try to sell that!

  7. That's an awesome film idea! I'd go watch it. Who would star in it? I love an urban park. They're definitely the lungs of a city.

  8. I can see why you would want to do this every weekend. I will have to make sure if I ever visit that my hotel is close by here I think, and that I leave room in my suitcase for a mug πŸ˜‰

  9. Lol who doesn't love a good rom-com? I'm thinking Zac Efron as the California new kid? lol I saw a lot of bikers while in the park and wanted to rent one but my husband didn't like the idea as much as me lol. I thought it would be a great way to work off the beers!

  10. It was great! I enjoyed just walking over and hanging out for an hour or two and just relax. I hear that houses around the park is crazy expensive… I can see why, who wouldn't want to live right next to this?!

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