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My Favorite Filming Location: New York City

I know I can’t be the only one who watches some movies based solely on the movie’s filming location. To me, that location is New York City. Since high school, I have been obsessed with New York, and totally had the “One day I’m going to live in NYC…” daydream more than once. While nowadays I do have a love affair with London, there is just something about the Big Apple that still intrigues and captivates me. 

So with that being said, here is a list of some of my favorite movies set in New York City. Yes, some of these are not the greatest movies ever but I can watch them for hours just because of the NYC B-roll. When I think of living in New York, I think about working for a huge company, wearing my Christian Louboutins pumps while leaving my spacious apartment in the Upper East Side (next to Blair Waldorf, of course)… and I know that would not be my reality if I move there. Sigh. But it’s okay cause I know I can just escape there in one of these movies.
1 | Cruel Intentions
The movie that defined a generation, this was on 24/7 either in my room or somewhere in the dorm hall. I guess we all wanted that NYC lifestyle… minus the twisted brother/sister thing.
2 | The Devil Wears Prada

One of my favorite movies, ever. I can watch this classic over and over again. Not only do you get New York, but also Paris… bonus!


3 | How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

I’m already a huge Kate Hudson fan… add New York and some Matthew McConaughey, yes please!  
4 | Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Do I dare say, I prefer this Home Alone to the first one just because it’s set in New York? That’s right… the Sticky Bandits trumps the Wet Bandits. 
4 | 13 Going on 30

Not only do I love this movie because it’s set in New York and Jennifer Garner is super cute in it but I would love her job in the movie. Waking up and finding out you’re a magazine editor, I can deal with that! 
5 | Big

A total classic. 
6 | Something Borrowed
Kate Hudson, here you are again. I actually enjoyed this movie even with all the hate due to the “cheating” plot. Plus Ginnifer Goodwin’s character had the cutest apartment.    
7 | The Other Woman

I thought I would hate this movie but it came on one night and I found myself laughing… a lot. It is totally ridiculous but great for some mindless entertainment. Plus there’s a small part in Nassau, Bahamas and you can see the restaurant my friends and I went to one night.  
8 | Picture Perfect

This might have been the start of my New York obsession. Not only was it the city but also the perfect job at an advertising agency.

9 | Gossip Girl

Yes, I know this isn’t a movie but I can’t mention my love for New York without mentioning Gossip Girl. The clothes, the shoes, the hair… the perfect fantasy. Plus, Blair Waldolf is my animal spirit.   
10 | That Awkward Moment

I recently watched this movie which in a way triggered this post. This movie is not that great, actually the only reason why I kept on watching it was because it was set in New York… proving how deep my love runs with NYC.  

Where is a favorite filming location? 

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  1. Such a great idea for a post 🙂 NY always makes me think of a great place as a filming location and I actually haven't seen most of these, I'm so bad at watching films! I always like to look out for films that are set in places I have travelled to and really enjoy films set in India. It was really interesting to read how you changed your views on living in NY, I always feel that time changes our dreams a lot.

  2. Yes definitely… if I was younger with no kids, I would move to NYC in a heart beat. But now with a son, house, dog, etc., it would be hard to uproot everyone for a "selfish" reason especially since the cost of living in New York is insane! BUT… I would move to London ha… well maybe the outer boroughs 😉

  3. Wasn't it so funny?! ha I was pleasantly surprised. My husband came out of the room and asked what I was laughing at and I told him The Other Woman and he gave me this "Really?" face lol. He doesn't understand lol

  4. I have never considered a films location before haha. We don't watch too many films, I've only seen Home Alone 2 out of this whole list!

  5. While I love all of these (except The Other Woman…totally let down in my opinion), I still think the coolest more iconic filming location in NYC is Carrie Bradshaw's apartment. It just conjures up feelings of being fierce and independent.



  6. 13 Going on 30 is seriously one of my all-time favs. My best friend and I quote it all the time. When I turn 30 next year, I am totally going for "30, flirty, & thiving!"

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