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It’s Bluebonnet Season, Y’all!

It’s that time of year, y’all! Every spring, you can find the state flower of Texas along roadsides and pastures throughout most of the state. You can also find, photographers, moms, and friends taking advantage of this totally Texas photo op (I’m guilty of this every year). So here is the 411 on bluebonnets for anyone new to the Lone Star State or just visiting in the springtime!  
You can find bluebonnets anywhere in or around the “Bluebonnet Triangle“. The triangle consists of Houston, San Antonio and Dallas/Fort Worth as its corners and of course, anywhere in in the Texas Hill Country. Obviously, this isn’t set in stone and you can still see a bluebonnet or two in different areas of the state. 
Bluebonnets will bloom in the southern part of the “triangle” first. You can find them in Houston, Brenham, and San Antonio around the end of March. Beginning of April, you will find them in Austin, Waco, and the Texas Hill Country. Don’t worry DFW residents, by mid-April, the Dallas area and Ennis will get their fare share of bluebonnet fields. This is of course, if everything goes as planned and the weather is perfect and “normal”.
Don’t blink cause before you know it, these beautiful fields of blue will once again go back to green. The estimated time frame for bluebonnets is around 6-8 weeks but if you want that perfect picture, you might want to catch them between weeks 1-3. 
The pictures below were taken in Fayetteville, Texas on my way back from the The Zapp Hall Antique Show. I was on the hunt for some bluebonnets on the way to Warrenton and didn’t really see anything larger than a patch or two but on the way back to Houston, I spotted this field and made a quick 3-point turn to get to it. Yay for getting my bluebonnet picture for 2015!                  
To find a field like this one day and photograph it! 
What is your favorite springtime tradition? 
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  1. Ah that's lovely! Well in Greece we have a lot of wild flowers that bloom in spring. Usually wild daisies and poppies (lots of poppies in some cases).

    Here in Boston, no signs of Spring yet!!

  2. We are heading down to Georgetown at the end of April and hoping I can still a big field! I saw a few are popping up in Fort Worth this morning. I wish they would last more than a few weeks!

  3. You and me both! Have you been to Ennis to see them? I heard they have huge fields there! I don't mind driving to the Austin area since it's not far from Houston but driving up to DFW is a drive but maybe worth it to see a sea of them! lol

  4. So beautiful! I've never seen a whole field of blue bonnets but we did have a ton in our backyard when we lived in Little Rock ๐Ÿ™‚ My favourite fields are the rapeseed fields here in England…,but they are taking their sweet time coming out to see me this year.

  5. Yup! That is when we see most of our bluebonnets… when we head to Austin! Also because we love Austin and go there often vs. heading up north to Dallas lol. Any sightings in ATX yet? My friends like to take pictures with them around Pennybacker Bridge.

  6. Awe yes! I love how different parts of the world have their own "Welcome to Spring" flowers! We have bluebonnets, Japan has cherry blossoms, etc. Never been to London in the spring (only summer)… bet it's a great time then!

  7. In the Uk it starts off with snow drops then daffodils and then crocuses and bluebells. Here is Canada everything seems to burst into bloom all at once – after the snow has cleared!

  8. Oh wow they are beautiful flowers and they look amazing in huge fields, like the tulips they have in The Netherlands which I have yet to see…

    Here's it's all daffodils and blossoms on trees and since I have to pop into town on the weekend, I will be scheduling a detour to get some photos!

  9. Haha like I need another excuse to visit some friends in Houston ๐Ÿ˜‰ although I haven't been to Dallas yet… I haven't seen anything yet! Hopefully this weekend when I have more of a chance to explore!

  10. Lucky for us… we don't have to wait for the snow to clear, just for it to stop raining! I love springtime, everything is all colorful and pretty outside… even though my allergies go crazy during this time as well! lol

  11. Snow?! Oh no… wasn't expecting snow on our trip to Germany, have to recheck the weather and my jacket/coat options! ha I was hoping to see some spring flowers while there… maybe spring will creep back out again!

  12. Well, depends on how soon you are coming and what part you are visiting. Bavaria is getting the crazy weather, but I don't think the Berlin area is. A lady on the train told me they got hardly any snow all winter! And we had snow flurries here just this morning…

  13. Ahhh! My family and I went to Texas to see the bluebonnets one spring break (along with visiting family there) and we missed them. by like a week. Your photos are beautiful though!!!

  14. Thanks Isabel! I'm on the hunt for that field! lol It's funny cause around this time of year, you will be driving on the freeway and you'll see people stopped on the side of the road taking pictures in bluebonnets lol.

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