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Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Park

The year is 1997 and my friends and I are cruising around the suburbs of Houston, windows down, music up. What are we listening to, you ask? Most likely Dave Matthews Band: Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95.

I had a full day in Denver to kill after driving down from Winter Park and before my evening flight back to Houston. I wanted to spend it exploring the city since I have never been to Denver before. One stop I definitely wanted to make was the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. After listening to DMB on loop in high school and college many moons ago, I have always wanted to see Red Rocks in person. I always hear that it is one of the best venues to watch a concert in America. So let’s see where Dave Matthews was jamming 20 years ago.

Driving from the mountains, Red Rocks is an easy pit-stop. It is located not too far from I-70 which is the freeway that takes you to/from most of the ski resorts. The admission to the park and amphitheater is free, unless of course, there is a concert going on. Driving up to the park, you immediately see what makes Red Rocks special… large red sandstone outcrops. What makes it so unique is that these red sandstone outcrops are condensed within this small park.

After finding a place to park, I started walking up to check out the amphitheater. You have to be in pretty good shape to see a concert here! Ramps and stairs, so many ramps and stairs! I’m going to blame the elevation on how winded I got climbing to the top. There were a bunch of people working out in the amphitheater and I can totally see why, it’s a great workout! From the top, you get an amazing view of the whole amphitheater surrounded by all the red sandstone and a glimpse of the Denver skyline in the background. It really is an amazing sight.        

What is your favorite thing to see or do in Denver?
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  1. I LOVE Red Rocks! I saw OneRepublic and Sarah Bareilles there in August 2013 and it was absolutely amazing. I live in Colorado Springs so it's juuuuust far enough away to be inconvenient, but I know if I lived in Denver I'd definitely get some workouts in over there!

  2. Wow, that looks incredible! I've heard a lot about Red Rocks, but have not yet visited. Next time we plan an out of state trip we'll have to keep it in mind if we go to Colorado. Thanks for sharing, although I've heard of it I haven't seen pictures before!

  3. Your pictures are so pretty!! I've only driven through Denver on my way to Aspen. I really want to go visit. I always tell Travis we should move there when we come back to the U.S. since his company has a big office there!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Glad you liked the climb all the way up 🙂 I almost fell climbing on the rocks in the park when I was 16, luckily the guy I was with turned into the Hulk and pulled me over the ledge. Needless to say.. it's one the most special places on earth!

  5. I'd love to make it to a concert at Red Rocks someday. So, so pretty! I love live music, so combined with such a gorgeous natural space = amazing.

  6. Haha, so awesome. I kind of despise DMB, but a friend gave me the Live at Red Rocks tape back in the late 90s, so I definitely listened to it a lot…. great to see the actual location!

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