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From Rodeo Drive to Manhattan Beach | LA Miscellaneous

I have to say, my friend Sandra, was the perfect tour guide during my trip to Los Angeles. We visited so many different towns and did so many cool activities in just three days. Looking back, I’m super impressed at everything we got to do, but at the same time, I didn’t feel tired or rushed the entire long weekend.

You can read about our other Los Angeles adventures here: Venice Beach, Malibu, Hiking the Hollywood Sign, and Santa Monica. Here are some pictures of some other places we stopped at during our Los Angeles weekend!

We were hoping to spot a celebrity or two during our stop on Rodeo Drive (especially since it was Grammy’s weekend) but we didn’t have any luck. We did see, however, some pretty fancy cars and beautiful shops!     

Hollywood Boulevard is something unique. It is super crowded and there are so many random people just hanging around trying to make a buck off of you. From people dressed up as different characters to street performers (I yelled at one, but that’s another story) to guys handing out their demo CDs, it is like a gathering of the crazies!  
Before my flight back to Houston, we wanted to grab breakfast close to LAX. Like Venice, Manhattan Beach is a quick drive from the airport and a great spot to stop at if you want to stay close. I personally love the feeling of Manhattan Beach. Maybe because it felt more residential and less touristy, either way, it is a beautiful beach city in Los Angeles.  Manhattan Beach also has a bicycle trail and a pedestrian only walkway along the beach for all you cyclists and runners out there!  
Do you have a favorite spot to visit when you’re in Los Angeles?
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  1. Do you guys know where you'll be yet when you move back? My flight to LAX from Houston was only $175, R/T, non-stop on United! Unheard of nowadays lol. I found super cheap tickets online and just bought them. And then afterwards was like "Who do I know in LA?" ha

  2. Oh man ha, so I wanted a picture of the people on Hollywood Blvd. so when I took the above picture with the guy playing the buckets and the tourists walking, the guy yelled at me to give him money (a. he wasn't even a good "drummer" and b. I didn't take a picture WITH him like my friend did with "Tinker Bell"), so I shook my head "no", so then he started yelling about how people are so cheap, etc. so I yelled back "Then don't play for free then!" He had no rebuttal ha

  3. Manhattan Beach is awesome! A friend of mine grew up there so when we were in CA two years ago, we stayed at her childhood home three blocks from the water. Amazing! Looks like such perfect weather for you!

  4. beautiful street pictures and also seems like a beautiful beach.
    Ha,I like this capture of the guy who plays drums -the baskets ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

  5. Oooh I just love the views of the water and the beaches! Thanks for linking up with us at #WeekendWanderlust! Just a reminder to place our badge at the bottom of your blog post along with a link back to the host blog(s) so other people can find our link-up. If you could add that, that would be great. You can find the badge and the info back where you originally linked up, or you can find it at the bottom of this blog post:

  6. Thanks for including so many pictures! They make me a little bit homesick, but I love seeing them all the same! I'm glad you had a good time. When people visit and say they hated LA, I just never can understand why! Someone to show you around sure helps, though.

  7. I can see how LA can get overwhelming. Having a friend that knows her way around definitely helped and while we hit a lot of touristy areas, we didn't stay in those area for too long. But as a whole, I always have a great time in LA! Great beaches and you can't beat the weather!

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