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A Beautiful Sunset in Santa Monica, California

After having lunch in Malibu and spending the afternoon staring at an adorable sea lion pup, my friend and I got back in the car and headed south to Santa Monica. We got to Santa Monica in about half an hour since we didn’t hit any traffic on the way down (it was a Monday). I can only imagine what PCH 1 would be like on a weekend or in the summertime. 

Santa Monica is another beachfront city in Los Angeles County probably most known for its Santa Monica Pier. The Santa Monica Pier was built in 1909 and is home to restaurants, amusement park games and rides, and a solar-paneled Ferris wheel. And after 2,448 miles, Santa Monica is also the end of the road for Route 66.   

We couldn’t have gotten to Santa Monica at a more perfect time. We took a nice walk on the pier and then along Ocean Front Walk just in time to witness a gorgeous California sunset. I am totally bias and think Texas sunsets are the bee’s knees, but this definitely ranks up there with the best including the amazing sunset I witness in Costa Rica.

It was the ultimate “golden hour” and was the perfect end to my last full day in Southern California.

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  1. I visited a friend of mine in 2011 who lived in Santa Monica (he now lives in Venice) and had a lot of fun doing jumping shots with my and my sister at sunset:) What a beautiful place and town.

  2. Santa Monica is a fun stop if only for a few hours. Keep in mind, it's pretty busy and "touristy" in a way cause of the Pier but the beach is gorgeous and you can walk the Third Street Promenade to do some shopping (and maybe see a celebrity or two there)!

  3. Such great coloring in those photos!! The waves crashing, the sun setting into the west— love it! Santa Monica is up there as one of my favorite places.

  4. I'm headed to LA in a week and so hope to stop by Santa Monica on this trip…I've been 4 times and always wanted to go to SA but it's never worked out. Love these me excited about my trip!

  5. I agree on the bias to Texas sunsets (especially in the winter), but that is a pretty spectacular sunset … and I have got to get to Santa Monica if only because its the end of Route 66!

  6. Wow, wow, wow what a gorgeous sunset!!! Love that first photo especially – just stunning! Now I'm intrigued about Texas sunsets though – you'll have to share more about what makes them so spectacular 🙂

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