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London, England | Part II

On my second day in London, I headed over to Horse Guards Parade to watch some Olympics Beach Volleyball action. Unfortunately, USA was not playing but I still waved my little American flag around and chanted “USA, USA” when possible. The atmosphere was amazing! I would go to another Olympics just to experience it all over again. I would also love to go to a World Cup one day. The only bummer part is that since I bought tickets for Beach Volleyball and Soccer (in Newcastle), I could not go to Olympic Park since none of my sporting events were held there. I was looking forward to walking around there but oh well.    

After the volleyball matches, I strolled over to Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard. By the time I got there and found a spot, the action started… talk about perfect timing!  
Afterwards, I was starving so I walked through Green Park and headed over to Oxford Street to grab lunch and walk around (aka go shopping). I love Oxford Street, honestly what girl wouldn’t love a street lined with amazing shopping and restaurants. I went to my first Topshop on Oxford Street! That’s something you never forget ha! In related news, they are opening a two story Topshop in the Houston Galleria this year, woohoo!      
It was so nice to get to stay with family while in London. My two aunts live a house down from each other in Hounslow. They both work at Heathrow airport so they are less than 10 minutes away from work. This also means they are really close to Windsor, a cute town west of London and the home of Windsor Castle. My aunt loves taking day trips out to Windsor (I would too if I lived that close) so she took me out there one afternoon. 
Nothing beats a quaint English town. Supposedly, real estate is super high there (like it’s not already high enough in England) and I can see why! James Blunt, Elton John, Jimmy Page all live or lived in Windsor. One of the cutest things in Windsor is The Crooked House of Windsor. It was constructed in 1592 (wow) and today is it a restaurant for anyone that wish to have afternoon tea there!       
After an amazing few days in London, I headed to King’s Cross to catch my train to Newcastle. I loved everything about our trip to London and I will be back someday… soon! 
Have you been to a world sporting event? How was your experience?


  1. How cool that you got to see some of the Olympic games! I was in London right before the games started, and it was such a festive time to be there. I was there during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and between that and getting ready for the Olympics, London was ultra-festive. I think they hung flags out on just about anything they possibly could!

  2. I've never been to a world sporting event, and don't know if I ever will (I don't do well with large crowds, so maybe something with more events scattered throughout, and not where the stands are packed). Still, looks cool!

    Oh, and I know what you mean about experiencing something first-hand and not through a camera. We all need that once in awhile, huh?

  3. That's wonderful that you managed to get tickets and attend the Olympics! What a great memory to have.

    My husband and I applied for several tickets before we moved. English residents got first pick on tickets to the games. Unfortunately, we choose some of the most popular events and didn't get tickets in the end.

    Loved seeing your photos. Brings back a lot of memories for me. We used to live near Windsor. I even had my Bachelorette party there!

    Hope your New Year is off to a great start!


  4. How cool that you had your Bachelorette party in Windsor! Such a cute/fun town!

    I know what you mean about tickets, we tried to get track & field, swimming and basketball tickets but those were slim pickings and if they had them, they cost more than our flight over to London!

  5. It was definitely crowded but I was impressed at how London handled the crowds. We got in and out of venues fairly quickly. Gotta love order. Going to NFL games here in the States is like pure chaos, takes us an hour to just leave the parking lot!

  6. Awesome! I wanted to see the Changing of the Guard when my boyfriend and I went to London, but we just didn't make it. But it definitely looks cool to see one day! And how awesome to see a volleyball match!

  7. Your photos are just beautiful!! London is incredible in the sunshine, isn't it? Also, I'm very impressed with your itinerary – I lived there for a little over a year and NEVER saw the changing of the guard! Every time I went, it started raining and the ceremony was cancelled.

  8. Hi! You commented on my post about Munich's Olympic Park and I obviously had to come check out your London recap. 🙂 Your time there sounds absolutely amazing! I was actually in London for the Olympics too! I just went to a bunch of ticketless road events though, haha. I used to intern for USA Volleyball so I'm INCREDIBLY jealous that you got to see a beach match! Oh gosh I miss these Games so much. Too awesome.

  9. I'm determined to make it to London and to an Olympic Games site while the Olympics are going on — so I'm pretty jealous you managed to knock out two of my bucket list items in one trip! Maybe if Boston gets the 2024 Games I can check off the Olympic Games!

  10. That's the dream, but I have no idea! Hopefully I'll have a job that will send me there, and as a back-up I've applied as a volunteer, so fingers crossed, lol. Are you?

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