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10 Movie Homes I Could Totally Live In

I love watching movies especially at this time of year. Something about it being cold(er) outside and the kids are out of school and everyone is on the couch curled up in blankets. I love all genres of movie too. My favorites include Wedding Crashers to The Devil Wears Prada to Inception, I’m all over the place. I love watching movies (and shows) where it feels like an “escape”, as in “I want their life!”   
Below is my list of 10 movie homes I could totally live in. It’s in no particular order since let’s be honest, I would live in any of them if given the chance! For some of them, it’s just not only the house, but the location. What’s that saying in real estate? Location, location, location!            

1.  It’s Complicated
If you’ve seen this movie, you know what I’m talking about. Meryl Streep’s beautiful house in the movie is located in Hidden Valley, California.  The house was recently up on the market for a cool $12 million. Any takers? 

2.  The Holiday

Sadly I learned that this adorable English cottage was built just for the movie and they built just the exterior and all interior shots with Cameron Diaz and Jude Law were filmed on a movie set! The lies! Oh well, this fake English cottage is still super cute and you can’t tell that it’s “fake” when watching the movie.   

3.  Gossip Girl

While this is a TV show, it still makes my list because I want to be Blair Waldorf. I want her NYC penthouse, her amazing wardrobe and her perfect hair. I’m not going to lie, I stopped watching Gossip Girl after season 4 because the story lines were getting out of control but it doesn’t mean I don’t love this piece of real estate. Bonus: Does Dorota come with this penthouse?  
4.  Closer

Closer is one of my favorite movies. It’s dark, twisted and set in London. I actually like Julia Robert’s and Clive Owens’ flat better but I couldn’t find a picture of it so this loft/studio space will have to do. Not only do I want her space in the movie, I want her job… but not so much her love life.
5.  Under the Tuscan Sun

This beautiful house is located in Cortona, Italy. Now it is a resort called Villa Laura that is available to rent for weeks at a time for anyone wanting to channel their inner Diane Lane. Can you ever go wrong with Tuscany, Italy?  
6.  Match Point

I’m a Woody Allen fan. I love this movie and also Midnight in Paris. I’m also a fan of natural light so this London penthouse on the River Thames is right up my alley. If you haven’t seen this movie, I totally recommend it. Not only is there an excellent plot but you get to see beautiful shots of London as well.     
7. The Change Up

This movie is down right goofy (Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds switch bodies after peeing in a fountain) but it is really funny too. What is not funny is Jason Bateman’s and Leslie’s Mann’s beautiful Atlanta house in the movie, it’s gorgeous. What caught my eye first when watching the movie was the bedroom. I kept on thinking, I want that bed set! I’m (We’re) in luck, you can buy that set here: John Robshaw Textiles 
8.  Life As We Know It

Hollywood really knows how to pick houses in Atlanta. This Katherine Heigl and Josh Dumal movie is centered around this gorgeous Atlanta home. They have to live in it while they raise their late friends’ daughter. The movie was okay (very typical, I’m going to let you guess how the movie ends) but the house is on point!   
9.  Big

A classic. What would you do if you were a kid that woke up one day and got paid VP money? Yup, you would buy an awesome NYC loft too! All that space, all those windows! I wouldn’t even change the decor. Trampoline in the corner, please.
10.  What’s Your Number?

Last but not least is this urban Boston apartment that Anna Faris lived in in the movie. First off, this apartment is huge! I need her job (before she got fired). Second, she lived across the hall from Captain America, yes please. Totally want this apartment minus the ex-boyfriend stalking.  
Which one of these movie homes is your favorite?  Is there one that is on your list that I don’t have on mine?  


  1. I've always wanted to live in the Under the Tuscan Sun house. I had this fantasy (and still do) that I would live in a villa just like that in the Tuscan countryside! Ahhh…. someday! 🙂

  2. Can you imagine designing these sets? They are so gorgeous. I remember being blown away by everything about the It's Complicated house. WOW, and that kitchen. And of course the Holiday– that would be such a dream! Cute movie too 🙂

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