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The Louvre | Paris, France

I’m whipping out the DeLorean for these next few posts! Back in 2012, I decided to cheer on our country (USA! USA!) at the 2012 London Summer Olympics. But instead of just going to London, I decided to add Paris, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Dublin onto my itinerary. It was a jammed packed trip but I loved every minute of it!

My first stop was Paris! I went to Paris when I was 12 with my brother and parents and remembered having a great time despite not even being a teenager. But I was happy to revisit this beautiful city as an adult and getting to experience it with a different perspective! 
I took one of the last non-stop flights from Houston to Paris and crossed the Atlantic. I would say I had a pleasant flight except I sat next to a baby who cried almost the entire flight! I slept through some of the crying (my mommy ears only pick up my son’s crying) so that was a plus. Once I landed at CDG, the baby stopped crying, of course. But one of the highlights of my entire trip was looking over at the baby when we were taxing to our gate and seeing his little face mean-mugging me! I started cracking up and even the baby’s mom started laughing when she saw her son’s face! I so wish I took a picture of his face! Don’t mess with a French baby!
After catching a taxi to my hotel, who I swear took the longest way possible to the hotel, I checked-in, got changed and headed to The Louvre!
Being a complete type-A personality, I bought tickets to everything I wanted to do during my 2012 European Adventure before hand (that I could) and filed everything into an accordion folder by city. Good thing I never lost that thing!

I totally recommend buying your tickets before hand. The only catch with The Louvre is that you have to pick up your tickets at a 3rd party location. You CANNOT pick them up at The Louvre. The location where I picked up my ticket was almost like a Best Buy store with a Ticketmaster inside and was in St. Germain des Pres so it wasn’t too far from the museum. You can purchase your tickets here: The Louvre – Advanced Tickets

Since I had our tickets already in hand, I got to skipped the crazy long line and into The Louvre I went!

Hello gorgeous! Well being 5’1″, this was the closest I could get to Mona. It was packed! Maybe I should have pulled a Jay-Z and Beyonce and rented out The Louvre to myself! I guess I could have been more patient and waited till I got closer but I had a lot of ground I wanted to cover and honestly I know I will see Mona again! 
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  1. I loved your tips Christine! I visited Paris more than twice and I recommend to enter (when it is possible) the Porte des Lions. Ming Pei is not the only entrance 😉 Thanks for reminding me about a lovely day I spent discovering art in Paris!

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