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Palace of Versailles | Versailles, France

You can never go to Versailles too many time. It really is an amazing and magical place. From the palace itself, to Marie Antoinette’s Estate, to the Gardens of Versailles, everything is grand and oozes royalty. 

I had breakfast at a nearby cafe and stuffed myself with fresh squeezed orange juice and croissants before walking to the nearest train stop that would take me to Versailles. It was located right by the Eiffel Tower so it wasn’t a bad walk. I bought my ticket to Versailles and hopped on the next train.

After making it to Versailles and walking a little ways to the palace, I saw the mile long line to get into the palace (which made me a little annoyed)! And that was for people with tickets! If you didn’t have tickets, you first had to wait in another line. Double lines! Do yourself a huge favor and buy your tickets before hand here: Versailles Tickets, you’re welcome! I did talk to a really nice couple from England while in line though. The good news, free Wi-Fi! I got a chance to check my emails and post Facebook pictures while waiting.

I made it! I wasn’t kidding when I said mile long! Good thing it was a beautiful day too! Once inside the palace, it was game time! All the different rooms, colors, textures, everything was beautiful. Would I decorate my house like Louis XIV, definitely not but just seeing the history in everything fascinated me.
After touring the palace, I took a shuttle over to Marie Antoinette’s Estate. You could walk it but it’s not exactly close. If I had all day, it wouldn’t be a bad walk but I wanted to head back into Paris before the evening. Keep in mind that Marie Antoinette’s Estate requires a separate ticket. I highly recommend splurging the extra euros to see her amazing estate. It was definitely one of my favorite parts of Versailles, hands down.  
I didn’t take the shuttle all the way back to the palace. I got off about half way so I could walk through the Gardens of Versailles. Who is their landscaper and how can I get their number? I loved all the different sections of the garden, the cute pond with all the little boats, the gigantic trees that are wider than my arm span, I loved everything! And don’t get me started on all the beautiful flowers. Just typing this makes me want to head back to Paris and just walk the gardens!
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